The HANS® Device attaches to your helmet via two metal anchors. 90% of our customers install their own anchors - all you need is a 1/4 inch drill and measuring tape. Devices come with instructions plus a special installation tool. If you prefer we will install the anchors for you as an extra cost option. Please select this service in Parts and Accessories to let us know you prefer this.

Adobe Acrobat Required for Download

  • Instructions for installing HANS® anchors into your helmet
  • As supplied with new devices


* Ultimate lightweight protection
* Hi modulous carbon fiber
* Please contact us directly at 1-866-573-5003

* NEW for 2008
* Value priced
* Injection molded super structural carbon fiber
* Same performance as every HANS® Device
* Weighs about a pound more than HANS® Device Extra Series
          * Currently available in sizes XS and M only.

Professional Series HANS® Device 
SFI 38.1 - SFI Certified and FIA 8858 Homologated Certified

The HANS® Device Professional Series - when every ounce matters. The HANS® Pro uses 100% carbon fiber and resin construction for the ultimate in light-weight strength.  Includes everything needed for installation to one helmet. 

Tether Styles:
    * Sliding: Allows a fuller range of motion, are standard on all HANS® Devices
    * Fixed: The original HANS® design. Fixed tethers are available by special order and include the Quick Disconnect tether “with the shackle in the middle”, and the standard fixed.  Tethers are fixed at the device, with less free motion then the Sliding tethers.

Anchor Styles:
1.   Post Collar Anchor is the round, spring-loaded mechanism that has been in use for many years. The anchors are bolted to the helmet, and the HANS® tethers attach the HANS® to the helmet, and the HANS® can be separated from the helmet easily.  It has been recently improved to accommodate both Snell SAH and SA helmets.

2.  Quick Click Anchor is the shackle mechanism that gives the sliding tether its quick-disconnect capability.  A quick pull on the orange string allows the driver to put the HANS® on while still in the car if desired.
    * LW2 Lightweight Anchor: The lightest and least expensive Anchor style. Permanently attaches the helmet to the HANS® Device.

20 SSP     $995
20 SP       $995
20 MPU*   $995
20 LPU*    $995
30 MP       $1195
30LP         $1195
*please specify size

The head & neck restraint Experts
What Does A Head & Neck Restraint Do?

The most common fatal racing injury is the basilar skull fracture. Non-fatal head and neck injuries are also the biggest reason why a driver may miss days or weeks of works.  Well design head & neck restraints help to protect against these injuries.

In a crash, a driver's torso is restrained by their multi point harness. Without a head & neck restraint, their head/helmet is free to whip and injuries can occur.  If the whipping exceeds certain limits, the base of the skull breaks, severing the arteries that supply the brain, and the driving bleeds to death.

The best head & neck restraints also limit the amount of distance a user's head/helmet moved in an impact as hitting something during an incident can cause additional injuries

Fatal injuries can happen at any speed if the crash is severe enough.  Dale Earnhardt died of a basilar skull fracture yet hit the wall at only 43 mph.  He was not wearing a head & neck restraint.  In contrast, Ritchie Hearn hit the wall at over 200 mph.  His only injury was a broken foot - and he credits the HANS Device with saving his life.
Industry Leaders Since 1981
Despite claims you might see elsewhere, recent SFI 38.1 recertification testing has again confirmed that HANS® Devices continue to offer Industry-leading performance.  Check out the graph to the right.  What's more, rest assured we have never published our best results.  Why?  We figure that providing typical results is simply the best way of presenting safety product data to racers.  Wonder if the competition sets the same high standards?  So do we.

The HANS® Device is the only head and neck restraint trusted and required by NASCAR, Formula 1, A1GP, World Rally, ALMS, GP2, Champ Car, IROC, GrandAm and many more.
Comparison Graph  Truth in Advertising
HANS® Performance is the only head and neck restraint manufacturer with its own in-house test laboratory.  Our equipment permits us to conduct a range of performance tests, including the ability to run simple sled tests.  We use our test facility for both production control and product development.  For high-G sled testing, we tend to use the Delphi Engineering Center in Vandalla, Ohio, as it chouses one of the few test sleds in the world capable of creating the SFI 38.1 crash environment.
Choosing, Fitting and Purchasing Your HANS® Device  
It's easy to find the right HANS® Device for you.

In all cases driver comfort is the deciding factor.

For comfort the HANS® should match the angle of your seatback.

MODEL 10 - EXTREME UPRIGHT SEAT (call to order)
+ Fits some Sprint cars.
+ If you sit very upright and cannot get comfortable with a Model 20 try this Model.

Most popular model now available for Purchase below 

+ Fits all sedans including NASCAR, Busch, Sprint, Midget, Quarter Midget, Drag, Modified, Bandalero
and similar. All sportscars including Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Honda, Viper etc. All Panoz Racing
Series cars. Marine applications including UIM and Drag Boats.
NOTE: Drivers over 200 lbs. may find a Model 30 more comfortable in vehicles like those listed above. 

Adobe Acrobat Required for Download

  • Complete information on use and maintenance of HANS® Devices
  • Interactive for ease of use
  • As supplied with new devices

Adobe Acrobat Required for Download

  • Quick and easy steps to using your HANS® Device for the first time
  • As supplied with new devices
HANS® Friendly Harness Program

HANS® Friendly harnesses are designed to work perfectly with the HANS® Device. The following participate in the HANS®  Friendly Program

Corbeau USA - Seats for Streets, Race & Offroad
Safecraft Safety Equipment
Coolshirt Personal Cooling Systems
When it comes to the HANS® Device *Gary's Speed Shop believes the best possible service we can provide is personal service. Please contact us directly at info@garysspeedshop.com or toll free 1-866-573-5003 for assistance.

*Gary is a Factory Trained HANS® Device distributor.

  • Use this chart to determine which HANS® Device best fits you
  • Due to differences in torso and muscle shapes it is difficult to predict exact fitments for specific neck sizes
  • You may find that several HANS® Devices fit your body - choose the most comfortable one
  • All HANS® Devices work exactly the same no matter which size you choose
Tether Upgrade Kits

HANS® Device Quick Click Sliding Tether Upgrade Kit 
(formerly Quick Disconnect)

Converts one HANS® Device to Quick Click anchors with sliding Vision Advantage PLUS tethers. All hardware included. 

QC(quick click) sliding quick attach  $110
*LW Anchor not available

Post Anchor Sliding Tether Upgrade Kit
  • Converts one HANS® Device with fixed post anchors to sliding tether Vision Advantage PLUS.
  • Post Anchor Sliding Tether Upgrade Kit
  • Converts one HANS® Device with fixed post anchors to sliding tether Vision Advantage PLUS. 

PA(post anchor) sliding tether  $75 

HANS® Standard Fixed Tether for Kids

The nylon tethers on a HANS® Device are a critical portion of the restraint system. They function just like your harness belts and, just like your harness, they should be replaced any time they have been involved in a significant impact, or after two years of use.

Upgrade your HANS® device with a set of Quick-Disconnect Tethers! These tethers easily replace the fixed tethers on any current HANS® Device. Two tethers per kit, enough for one HANS® Device. Tethers are embroidered with SFI and FIA logos.

Fixed Tether   $40 
(used for youth when tethers 
need to be a little shorter)

MODEL 30 - SEMI RECLINED SEAT (call to order)
+ Fits Formula Mazda, Atlantic, Infiniti Pro, Barber Dodge,
IRL, C/D Sports Racer, Formula 1 and similar.

MODEL 40 - RECLINED SEAT (call to order)
+ The Model 40 is a rare application and fits extremely reclined seats such as Vintage Formula Ford.
Many people who buy a Model 40 return it for a Model 30. Please measure your seat (use an angle
meter available at DIY-type stores) before ordering.

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within the contenential United States. 

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HANS® Sport II Device 
SFI 38.1 - SFI Certified and FIA 8858 Homologated Certified      MADE IN U.S.A.

The Sport II Device  is the newest achievement  in the development of safe and effective head-and-neck restraints from HANS® Performance Products.  It is designed for drivers in cars with tight, constrained cockpit areas, but will be a great safety advantage for any car or driver. 

The Sport II is made from a new super-structural carbon-blend polymer from DuPont, injection molded under very high pressure for unsurpassed strength and durability.   It is tested to the same standards as the Pro and Sport models, and performs exactly the same.  At just under 900 grams, the Sport II is almost 25% lighter than the Sport 1.

Less weight means more comfort and the lower, rounded collar makes getting into and out of the car much easier with less chance of obstruction by roll-bars and halos. 

The Sport II comes standard with a recessed sliding tether and improved, flat-mounted tether carrier.

MSII   $579
LSII    $579
(for now this is only available in Medium)
Free Shipping
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